Grass Removal for Plants/Flowers


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We have a friend that used some 'chemical' to kill their grass and plant some flowers/plants. The chemical did not seem to harm the flowers/plants. We don't know the type of chemical she used.

Have you heard of this?
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"ROUNDUP" This is a contact vegetation killer (broadleaf & grasses). It is carried through the foliage to the roots for complete kill. Don't get it on anything you don't want to kill. This stuff works.

Follow directions on label for use and application. Follow all cautions - if you walk on a sprayed area that is still wet with the Roundup you'll leave footprints of dead grass across the lawn area you don't want to treat. (Poor Dad. We teased him about his footprints in the lawn but he had a good sense of humor.)

Roundup is broken down in the soil by the soil microbes. Once in contact with soil, it has no further vegetation or weed killing activity and will not move in or on the soil to affect nearby vegetation.
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Does this stuff work on weeds?
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Absolutely - broadleaf or grass type, annual or perennial weeds. Do read all application instructions and cautions. This is a vegetation contact killer. Any vegetation! It will not discriminate between your most hated weed and your prize landscape plants or trees. Don't get it on anything you don't want severely injured or dead.

It travels from the vegetative surface of the weed down into the roots. It is inert once in contact with the soil as it is neutralized by soil microbes.

Particularly persistant weeds may require a second treatment. Follow directions on label.

There is a second product with similar action called Kleenup. The nice thing about both of these is that since they are neutralized by soil you can plant fairly soon after using. Again see label.

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