Odd growth on potatoes


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Some of my potatoe plants are growing green balls (look like cherry tomatoes) where the flower were. What are these and what do I do with them?
Also my pea plants are getting dark spots on the leaves. Will these dark spots spread to the healthier looking plants or is this some thing that happens towards the end of the growing season.
One more question, my tomato plants have a lot of green tomatoes and a whole bunch of flowers yet. Our season is quickly coming to an end and I would like the tomatos I have to ripen on the vine. Should I remove these buds? The plants are roughly 4 - 5 feet high, should I cut off some of the branches that don't have tomatoes so the tomatoes I have ripen?
Thanks to anyone who can guide this very green gardener.
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Good morning Green Gardner: I will try to answer your questions as best I can but some depends on your particular climate and soil. My first recommendation is that you give a call to your local county extension office. You will find them in the government section of your phone book under county. They have a great program called Master Gardeners (I used to be one). Master Gardeners are experienced gardeners specifically trained & knowledgeable about growing in your area.

Potatoes are members of the nightshade family 'solanaceae'. The green balls on the plant are an effort to produce above ground. Do Not Eat These! If you have small children remove them from the plant and put in trash. Only harvest from beneath the soil. Protect all underground tubers from exposure to light. If any are growing too close to the surface and are showing green skin put some soil over them and wait a couple of weeks to harvest or until the green skin disappears.

Tomatoes: Green tomatoes still on the vine at the close of season can be handled one of several ways. Pick unblemished ones with shoulders starting to turn white or those that show some color . Arrange in single layers, store in a cool & dark place, and check daily for spoilage. Some here try to protect the plant from frost with sheets, blankets, etc. Remove in the morning and replace at night when frost is predicted. Some, when frost is eminant pull the plants, roots and all (shake off most of the dirt), and hang out of the sun in a garage or basement so fruit can finish trying to ripen on the vine. I just pick anything of value and make relishes, chutneys, green tomato preserves, etc. and wait for the next growing season.

Peas: Now you've got me. I would call the count extension office, ask at your local nursery, or see if I could find an experienced neighbor. This could be something we just don't have here or it could be nothing at all. It can be soil, climate, disease related, or just a result of the age of the plant.

Best - Ladybug

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