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I just bought a barberry bush, to be specific "Crimson pygmy barberry". Problem is I have no idea how to care for it, such as pruning, habits, watering etc. Any help?
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For information specific to your climate and soil please contact your local plant nursery (not big box store nursery). The following is basic information which is generalized cultural info:

Crimson pygmy barberry is BERBERIS thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy' (B. T. 'Atropurpurea Nana'). If you should wish to look it up this is how it will be listed.

Hardy to -10 degrees F. Selected miniature form, generally less that 1-1/2' high and 2-1/2' wide as a 10 yr. old plant. Mature leaves bronzy blood red, new leaves bright red. Must have sun to develop color.

Berberis requires no more than ordinary garden care and average water. Best results will be obtained if they are planted in moist, well-drained, light loamy soil. Can stand somewhat drier conditions.

May be used as a hedge, barrier plant, or shrub. I prefer to trim specific branches as opposed to shearing but that is personal choice. As a single plant it would look lovely in its natural form. Just watch for die-off of inner branches. Branches can be cut back to a bud to encourage fullness and for growth renewal. Talk with your local nurseryman about this. They can show you how and where to cut.


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