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opps i forgot to ask, i have a mandrian? orange and meyer lemon that i purchased 2 months ago, planted in good soil and fertilized, however i find no new growth and the leaves are curling a little . they get plenty of water, daily. i am concerned. in california, lots of sun. please help
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As you can see from my answer to your other question I can't grow citrus - darn. I did grow them in my commercial greenhouse but they were dwarfs. People up here have them as houseplants for decoration.

Using my knowledge of plants and keying on the sun you say you have lots of it is possible that the roots have been disturbed enough that they can't take up water fast enough to match what is being lost through the leaves. When a tree has enough problems it is called "going into shock". Up here we would mist the leaves periodically to try to make up for moisture lost by transpiration. Don't know if that will work for you. Please talk to the local cooperative extension office and/or your local nursery. They will be your best source of advice.

Best - Ladybug

P.S. When that Mandarin orange starts producing enjoy one for me. I love your citrus fruits down there. Such flavor!!!


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