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I am having some problems with my garden. It is a small garden with a few sweet pepper plants, and a few squash plants. The plants have recently developed white spots all over the leaves and some of the leaves are turning yellow and wilting. The blossoms on the pepper plants are also begining to yellow and wilt. The squash that is growing has turned very dark and seems to be shrinking. We water the plants every day and they get plenty of sun. Please help!
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It is not easy to identify problems such as you describe particularly without being able to see the plants. My first guess is that it sounds like a combination of two things - climate and cultural. I can give you a couple of general ideas as to the problem but please do contact your local nursery and extension office. They can take a look at the leaves with the white spots and tell you whether you have mildew or not. Seal a couple of the leaves in a zip-lock bag and take them to the nursery with you.

There are two types of mildew - downey & powdery - that are well known to gardeners particularly in areas of higher humidity. By watering every day your cultural practices could be adding to the growing conditions it likes. This is probably also contributing to the other problems as well but without local knowledge of your soil, climte, etc. I can not say for sure. Usually daily watering is not advised unless the plants are in a container.

Also, call your county Cooperative Extension Office. They are in the government pages of your phone book under county. Usually the entry is started with the initials of your state land grant college/university. They can assist you with identification, treatment, and advise on future cultural practices that will help prevent this from occuring in the future.

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