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I have 2 gardenia bushes. 1 wasplanted last summer & the other late spring. They are in mostly shade but do have some sun. The foliage is full & dark green but no blooms. I have tried the MiracleGro but still no flowers. Any ideas?
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When gardenias have budding problems, temperature is usually the cause. They like their nights at around 60 degrees and their days at 70 - 75 degrees. If they're subjected to warmer nights, they don't produce new flower buds. They also need bright sunshine, constantly moist soil, fertilizer once a month, and occasional applications of either iron sulfate or iron chelate if the plant's foliage becomes pale in color. These plants are, all things considered, a challenge to any grower.

If the plants do not have ample moisture they can suffer from bud rot. The buds will drop before flowering. If buds are forming but not maturing this will tell you that the moisture level is contributory. Otherwise, it's probably the temperature (see above).

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