Transplant 12' Maple


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We have a 12'maple that started as a volunteer. The trunks are about an inch and half to two inches in diameter. It's in the corner of our yard about 18" from the stockade fence. We'd like to move it from the back yard to the front/side yard. The last time I did this was almost forty years ago when we took some out of the local woods and put them in our yard. By the way, I already sawed off one trunk ant ground level.
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Oh boy! I can get myself in a lot of trouble here. Like you I've moved them from the woods - wrong time of year, bare rooted, too big, too long out of the ground, etc. It was successful but I don't know whether it was because of blind luck or sheer stupidity.

Sometimes I think it is a good thing plants can't read so they don't know they are supposed to die when we do everything wrong.

As a forum moderator the only advice I can give you is to follow the best cultural advice for your area and the type of tree you are dealing with. Normally this would be in the spring, with a root ball, etc. That means that the tree and root ball will be a heavy little hummer.

Go to your local nursery (not big box nursery) that sells this type of tree and pick their brains. They should be more than willing to give you advice based on your climate and soil. Their advice will be sound as they would like to be able to sell you a replacement tree if your moving attempt fails despite your best efforts.

Be aware that moving a 12' tree of any type means that you can lose it. Landscapers allow for a percentage of die off and replacement on their jobs. It's just that as homeowners since we're dealing with one tree we usually aren't that casual about the prospect of losing it. It can happen though.


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