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I live in a rental. Do not want to invest alot of money into landscaping, but have a few questions. What are some cheap plants that are hardy (will not die easily) except cautus that one can plant in the El Paso, Tx area? Also I have ice plants (my term) that look very nice. Can one cut clippings and grow roots from them? Thank you for any replies.
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First, information on ice plant. Once classified as Mesembryanthemum they are now classified under several different names. For our purposes we will just go by ice plant but if you wish to look them up you now know to look under "M".

All tolerate drought when established, but look best with some summer water; amount depends on heat, humidity. Too much water can lead to die back. Give just enough to keep plants looking healthy. Feed lightly when fall rains begin, and again after bloom. All need full sun.

Propagation of ice plant is by cuttings rooted in sandy soil or, more commonly, by seed sown in a warm greenhouse (or protected conditions indoors) in late spring. Using regular potting soil you can just add some sand to improve drainage.

Unfortunately, cheap plants are often worth what you pay for them. Frequently the plants you get at a bargain have been mistreated at a discount nursery - allowed to dry out, kept too long in a pot, etc. This means you are often buying a plant that is already in the process of dying or is stunted and will never be the plant it should be. If you wish to purchase there try to get the plants within a couple of days of having been delivered by the grower.

Your best bet is to visit your local nursery (not big box store nursery) where knowledgeable employees are on hand to take care of the plants, answer your questions about a particular plant or site you wish a plant for, etc. One good plant at $5.00 is worth more than 4 plants at $1.25. It will generally bloom better, grow larger, and over-all be healthier.

An excellent source for information about which plants will do well in your area (in addition to your local nursery) is a good plant catalog. These have excellent cultural info, mature size, zone, and even landscape ideas.

One catalog which comes to mind immediately is High Country Gardens located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They carry plants for your zone and put out an excellent catalog with color pictures and great info. It's a great way to sit down at home, check out the plants and info, and decide what you want before you get to the nursery. Or, you can just pick out what you want and order it.

To get a copy of their catalog call 1-800-925-9387 or go to I have not purchased from them yet but I am going to. I have heard good words about their plant quality and service.

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