Winterizing lilac cuttings


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I planted six small lilac cuttings along side my driveway this year and am concerned about how they will do this winter with snow being piled up on them, the cold and so forth. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Any suggestions on how to protect them?
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Winter presents some interesting problems particularly with regard to protecting young plants. Being along a driveway adds another dimension.

If salt is used for assistance in snow removel this can and will damage the plants. Make all possible attempts to keep any salt treated snow away from the planting bed not just off the plants themselves.

If there is a chance of piling up snow in this area from snow removal off the driveway you will need not only protection but a marker for where the plants are located. The best way to do both would be to drive posts (metal fence posts work) in a line between the plants and driveway. Make sure there are no water/power/phone/utility lines under there. Don't want any booboos.

Attach wire fencing (chicken wire or regular garden fence wire) in a continual line from one end post to the other end post. To this you can attach burlap as a protection against wind drying and snow load due to wind drift if these two factors are a problem in your area.

I have sometimes erected posts in a teepee fashion over a plant making sure the top is securely fastened and it is securely driven into the ground away from the plant roots.

To keep heavy snowfall from bending down the plant inside the teepee I have attached a small amount of burlap (cone fashion) at the top 12" to help keep snow from falling directly on the plant.

Also, check with a local landscape plant nursery. They have unsold plants they have to protect through the winter and since they live in your area any solution they use should work for you too.

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