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my almost 5 yrs son brought home an acorn and very proudly annouced "i'm going to grow my own tree". the problem is if i start the acorn in a pot in the house, does it need to be chilled like a forced tulip and if so how long and if not how long until we see a sprout?? this could be a great winter garden project for him and i if all goes right.
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What a marvelous project for a young child. Now, Mom gets to do some homework.

Tree seeds have various needs that must be met to get them to germinate depending on the tree variety. In the wild most of these needs are met by Mother Nature either through chilling, freezing, animals, etc. Now you get to be Mother Nature Mom. Please keep in mind that the seed may not germinate. If every acorn grew we wouldn't be able to see the forest for the trees.

Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service. They are in the phone book government pages under county. The entry usually starts with the initials of your state's land grant college/university. Ask someone there for the precise requirements of germination for an acorn.

My reference library here is not precise but does refer to stratification, nicking, scarification. Ask them for the best method. Have fun both of you. Best - Ladybug


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