Transplanting Blackberry Canes?


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I have a big cluster of wild black raspberry bushes (canes)here in Central NY that produced great berries recently. However, I need to remove them to make room for our garden area and would like to transplant or start cuttings. Is this possible? Any info on how to do this is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Blackberries propagate by means of suckers that arise from the underground root system. Dig the suckers with 4"-5" of leafy growth and transplant immediately in early spring. Have your ground ready this fall so it is a simple matter of just moving them in the early spring so they will be out of your way and growing. Plant 2' apart in rows spaced 3' apart.

You can also do root cuttings of 3"-4". Place them in sand in a cold frame over the winter, and plant them in the garden row the following spring. This is my least preferred way. If you try this and lose the cuttings over the winter you will not have any mother plants left if you have already cleaned out the old patch this fall.

There is a variety of black raspberry called "Cumberland" which makes "to die for black raspberry jam, ice cream topping, and blackberry syrup".

This is the variety I have. It produces long canes through the summer which bend down to the ground. Where they make ground contact they root and grow. To move just sever the new plant from the original cane in the spring and move it roots and all to its new location.

Cheers - Ladybug

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