Poppy plant didnt bloom this spring


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My 6 year old perennial poppy made beautiful leaves this year but didnt bloom. Its had basically the same care as every other year. But last year I planted an oregano plant about a foot away. It grew like crazy this year and almost reached the poppy. Could the hurb stunt the poppy? What else might have stopped the bloom?
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Is this by any chance an oriental poppy? I've had several questions about plants that did not bloom. At this point, since you have apparently changed nothing culturally, my best guess is that a late spring frost nipped the buds.

Keep an eye on it next year, mindful of late frost, and see if there is any sign of bud development.

I doubt the oregano would have had any effect but it is planted too close as you are discovering. Oregano and most of the herbs except basil have generally not been messed with by hybridizers. If what you have is wild oregano 'O. vulgare' then it will really take up some space.

Since the plants are used for flavoring, medicine, scent, or (?) they cannot do anything with them. This means that the plant is always in its wild state and in good soil can put on a fair amount of growth.

When you move it do be careful of the roots of the poppy since it's so close. You might just want to pull it and replace with a new plant next spring in a location where it will have room to develop.

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