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I received two six inch spruce trees in small flower pots and was asked if I wanted to replant them for my yard. Should I wait till spring or is the fall okay to replant, I live in the northeast and were expecting a frost,will this harm them?
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For information re: fall planting in your area for spruce tree seedlings give a call to a local nursery and see what they say. Since they are familiar with these little guys there may be some things they can tell you that I am not aware of for your climate.

For myself I would plant them making sure they are acclimated first. If they have been in the house start taking them outdoors for a few hours in a protected place just for 2-3 hrs. of sun. As the week goes by let them have more and more sun and leave them out longer, eventually all night.

If you've got a real cold snap like down to 20's forecast then tuck them into an unheated garage or room for the night to protect the roots from freezing. By the end of a 1 to 1-1/2 weeks they should be able to be planted outside.

CAUTION: Do not let the root ball dry out.

Moisten the root ball. Prepare your hole and plant. Keep the area damp (not soggy) for a period of time while the roots have a chance to reach out into the soil for moisture. If a real cold snap is predicted for the night put a cardboard box over to protect just while they settle in to their new home. Be sure to remove the box in the morning.

This is where you get to find out one of the reasons why trees cost so much at the nursery. Quite frankly, the loss of tree seedlings first planted out by the homeowner can be very high. Hopefully you'll have good luck and they will grow beautifully for you. Best - Ladybug

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