want to restore natural pond - need help


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I have a lovely natural pond in the back of my property, about 1/4 acre & shallow. My
misguided neighbor planted grass & it has
taken ove the pond, leaving a boggy, soggy
mess. I would like to restore it to its original state, both for the wildlife & my
own asthetics. Can you recommend any books or
does anyone have any experience in this?
Any help would be appreciated.
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i would not call in the wild life athorities. here in ontario my parents wanted to do something sim. take a weed area out of a natural pond on their 97 acres. a neighbour who over looks the pond but does not own it called the wild life people and they then ordered no work to be done on it as it is in a natural state and can not be changed. so we no longer have a swimming hole because of the grass and cat tails.
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I'm afraid Canadian is right. That has been our experience here in U.S. as well.

We have a DRY "spring flood drainage bed" going across our property that has only had water in it for "one 5 day period in ten years" and Fish and Wildlife has declared that we cannot touch it because there "MIGHT" at some time be water in it and that means there "MIGHT" at some time be fish in it and we would be destroying the spawning bed for the fish [that don't exist]. (Their words - not mine!!) All this despite that fact that they are standing there next to it and can see that the only thing in it is weeds, sagebrush, and RATTLESNAKES. NO WATER!

I think you're best bet is to head to your local library and do your research privately.
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All of the above are correct. What you have would be considered a wetland site. I don't know about your state, but here in NC, they fly over and photograph everything. If they see any violations or disturbance of wetlands, they can make the property owner restore it to its "original" condition (or suffer whopping daily fines until they do).
That is risk you take when you have a dragline clean out what was once a pond, and has now grown into a "wetland". Your call. Good Luck!
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Depending on what type of grass has takn over your pond, dealing with authorities might not be as difficult as it has been for those above. If it is an invasive non-native species, and you wish to promote healthy native habitat, authorities are much more likely to be cooperative, and even helpful.

The agency you deal with depends on your state and county. I would call the agency anonymously and explain the situation at hand, and what you wish to do. They could then give you some advice on doing it legally. Depending on your state's regulations and your particular situation, you may not be making an offense at all. Since they don't know who you are or where you live, they can't come after you, and you could get some valuable insight on what the appropriate thing to do might be.
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