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Two quick questions:

First, my yard is on well water. Great rates, but limited capapcity. The well seems to go for about 20 minutes on the largest zone (capacity wise). The well replenishes within about 15 minutes then good for another 20. I have 8 zones. I control them manually right now but would like to put them on timers. Do I need 8 timers to do this job? I need the timers to turn on zone 1 for 20 minutes, then off. In 15 minutes I need zone 2 to come on for 20 minutes...etc.
Second...I have a Cottonwood tree in the from of the house next to the driveway. It is the dirtiest tree in the world. It has what looks like mistletoe growing in it...and it drops leaves, sap and branches almost all year long. I hate cutting down old trees, but will it do any good to have this thing laced? Will it make the tree healthier?
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Heaven knows I am not an expert on irrigation systems but from your description of well capacity and manual timing it does sound as though 8 timers would be required. For a definitive answer contact an irrigation specialist in your area.

They can also tell you exactly which timers you will need and may be able to suggest different heads to allow a better distribution of water for a longer period of time or more efficient use of the well.

Cottonwood trees are suitable for country large acreage) properties where fast growth, toughness, and low maintenance are considerations. They are a member of the poplar family.

Cottonwoods are not recommended for small properties. Do not plant near water or sewer lines, septic tanks or their leach fields. Roots are invasive--not for city streets, lawns, or small gardens.

These are short lived trees and the problems you are experiencing are common with the tree. There is no treatment that will change the "nature of the beast".

In landscaping they are referred to as junk trees because of their negative aspects. They are sometimes planted for their fast growth to allow something to be there while slower growing, desirable trees are getting a little size then they are removed. Unfortunately, in many instances, they are allowed to stay in place until it requires the hiring of a tree service to take them down.

I would recommend that you contact a local nursery for more localized advice. I, myself, would remove the tree and plant a more desirable, better behaved species.

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