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Unhappy No "Whirling Butterflies"

Does anyone besides me have trouble growing Gaura??? I live in TN.
Some plants I put in last fall died over the winter and it wasnt even that
cold here. Anyone have info on this plant???
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Native to Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico, this is a plant that does well in hot, dry climates. It requires full sun and well-drained soil. It is drought tolerant but does not do well in soil that retains water. It does best in southern states but has been touted to be adaptable elsewhere. Thus, it is marketed for growing zones 5-10. Well-drained soil and moisture conditions tend to be significant in over-wintering. Some types of gaura over-winter better than others.
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My take on it is that the plant may not have become established during the fall, and likely dried out over the winter.
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if your winter was like our, it probably died from "wet feet".
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Determined to grow Gaura

We do have a lot of clay soil but I made huge planting holes ammended
with Perlite and potting soil. Would going to top soil (in bags) which has
a high percentage of sand help protect from "wet feet"?
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Wet Feet or saturated soil would be better addressed by building raised beds so the bed drains well.

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