overrun w/blackberries!


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overrun w/blackberries!

I have a steep incline on one side of my property that is overrun with blackberry bushes. These are starting to make their way into my yard. Is there anything I can “toss” down the side to kill these? I hear they are close to impossible to get rid of. I don’t see how I could get myself down there to get at them manually. Any Ideas?
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When the plants make new leaves this year, spray them with RoundUp. This should kill them. If you don't mind the plants' being on the hill, you could cut a trench along a line and insert a layer of landscape fabric to stop the plants' rooting underground. This will keep them from moving out of the hill.
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Before you get rid of them, can I come with a pail and pick bunch? The yard next to mine is very overgrown and has blackberries. Every year not only do I pick what is growing on my fence, but I sneak in (no one lives there) and pick more.

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