Garlic seeds? where?


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Garlic seeds? where?

I want to grow some garlic.
Cannot find any seeds or plants.
Whats wrong with that.
Need help here.

Thank you.
Jms from California
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You can grow garlic from the cloves, rather than dealing with the seeds. These would be planted the same as onion sets.

Hope this helps.
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Try your favorite grocery store. One head of garlic has many cloves,each clove will produce 1 plant, which will produce 1 head of many cloves. From the initial head of garlic you purchase you will have a lifetime supply of garlic for the home cook and for the garden.

I grow garlic in my garden.
1 head of garlic from the store is $1.99/LB cost me .38 for the 1 head. The head had 10 cloves for planting and 10 for cooking. I have 10 plants from that .38 head. When the plants mature I will have 10 heads, each with about 20 cloves, 10 of which I can plant again.

The small inner cloves are best for cooking and the outer larger cloves are best for planting. If you purchase 2 or 3 heads you will double or triple your supply for minimal cost.

When planting garlic, plant the point end up. The bottom is the part where it was attached to the head and usually has a small square shape. Plant the cloves 11/2" deep or the length from your finger tip to the middle joint.

Good luck with your project.
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Love that garlic!

I love garlic and have also wanted to plant some. When I did some Web browsing I couldn't believe how many varieties there are. Just for fun, last year I ordered a selection of various garlics to eat, and this year I'm going to plant the ones I liked the best. I've never grown garlic and don't know how I'll do, but imagine I'll enjoy trying.

The garlic you'll find in the grocery store is usually a variety called Silverskin, and I believe it's the easiest to grow, so is a good place to start. I like a hotter garlic, so will try to grow some Purple Stripe and Porcelains. The best part is that since I won't plant a lot this first time, I'll have some bulbs left over, so I'll get to eat those this winter while trying to grow my own.

If you'd like more information on the different varieties, how to store and grow them, etc. I recommend a Web site from an organic grower in Washington State: They also have a good page of links to other sites with garlic info: Good luck!

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Could garlic even be grown here in the northeast (NH)? Is there anyplace I can find a photo of a garlic plant in the posts?
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Here is a site that will tell you just about everything you want to know about growing Garlic. Complete with pictures of garlic.

I see no reason that Garlic would not grow in NH.

Good luck with your gardening.
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Thank you very much for that link about the garlic. it is definitely something i am going to try this year along with my tomatoes. to me, garlic & oil makes everything tastes better!

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