Spray N Grow - As seen on QVC

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Question Spray N Grow - As seen on QVC


I saw this product on QVC called Spray N Grow. It's apparently a micro-nutrient spray for your plants that is guaranteed to make them grow larger and yield more flowers or fruit.

I'm wondering if anyone has actually used this stuff and if they saw the same results that they portray on TV?


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Sounds like a copy of Miracle-Gro, which is available just about everywhere.
Price compare to Miracle-gro and plain old regular fertilizer.
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It is not the product, it is the technique. These guys are selling you miracle grow in a spray bottle. The obsorbtion rate is much greater when it is sprayed on the leaves. Mix your own and start spraying and you will see a difference in the plants.
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Thumbs up I use Spray-n-Grow every year

Spray-n-Grow is not a form of Miracle Grow or a fertilizer at all. It is a micro-nutrient/enzyme complex that enhances a plant's ability to utilize nutrients.
I tested it one year by spraying half of my garden peas with S-n-G and otherwise treating both plots exactly the same. The S-n-G treated pea plants grew twice as big (literally!!) and had many more peas than the non-sprayed plants. I heartily recommend it, but I would suggest buying it directly from S-n-G (www.spray-n-grow.com) instead of QVC.
I would be very interested in hearing anyone else's experience.
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Originally Posted by EddieL999
I tested it one year by spraying half of my garden peas with S-n-G and otherwise treating both plots exactly the same.

Does the above mean that you used the product on 1 half and nothing on the other? Did you add fertilizer or something else to both sides or did you let the non treated side absorb whatever nutrients may be present in the existing garden soil without applying anything further?

I will agree that if you add a nutrient to one side and nothing to the other, the nutrient treated side will grow better. However I do not believe a valid claim can be made unless you test the variables of 2 or more similar products.

In order to perform a proper test you would have to use individual pea plants.
One planted in plain ordinary untreated garden soil(to use as a control).
One treated with the product.
one treated with a similar product.
one treated with plain ordinary fertilizer.
one treated with an organic fertilizer such as manure.
Then calculate the growth of each individual plant.

Your explaination above sounds (to me anyway) as if you are feeding one plant and letting the other starve. If this is the case then yes you would get the results the product manufacturer wants you to recieve. If you feed both plants with similar products you will get similar results. If you treat one plant with the product and just fertilize the other you (in my opinion) will still recieve similar results.

The correct fertilizers for a plant contain micro nutrients for plant growth.
Your test wasn't a fair test to the other manufacturers and other forms of applications recommended for "giant" plants.

Perform your test again using the same application processes for all plants and you will have a proper test and more than likely recieve similar results.

Good luck with your gardening.

Endorsment of a specific product is not permitted on this website. This is considered a form of advertisment and THIS is prohibited.

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Thumbs up Spray-n-Grow

Hi -
I should have been more complete with my description. Spray-n-Grow recommends using it with a fertilizer. In my test that I described in my earlier post, I used my usual fertilizer (I think I was using MiracleGro at the time, but don't remember) on both plots, and made sure they also got the same sun/water/etc. The only difference was Spray-n-Grow. I even put up a barrier between the two plots just while I was spraying to make sure only the S-n-G side got sprayed. The barrier was a sheet of cardboard that I put up only while spraying.
While I don't remember the exact details now, I did measure the height of the plants and the total yield (in pounds) of each plot. The S-n-G side was literally twice as tall, and the weight of the harvest (cumulative during the life of the plants) was more that twice.
They also make a great fertilizer, in liquid form, that can be mixed into the Spray-n-Grow mixture and applied all at once. I didn't use that during the test I described above, but have been using it since and love it.
Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I love this stuff.
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This also sounds like a knock off version of SuperThrive. Available at most garden centers,grocery stores and even Walmart for around $7

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