landscaping help?


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landscaping help?

i'm preparing to redo the backyard of my new house. we will be moving the fences out to enclose more space. so we will have a relatively large area to landscape that currently is covered with grass and one large/old tree.

can anyone recommend a website or other reference to help us get started on designing and planting ideas?

we'd like to add a fruit tree of some kind, perhaps change the walkway and add plenty of foliage (as well as some tomato plants, etc.)

any help would be appreciated.

also, we're in the upper midwest...
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You can type 'landscape design' into your favorite search engine for a wealth of helpful websites and resources. There are also books available online, at the library, and at garden centers. You can also contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent for information on landscape design and recommended plants, shrubs, and trees as well as care, maintenance, and pruning in your area.
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Hi, also walk or drive your neighborhood or community and notice other yards that appeal to your taste. I noticed that neighbors enjoy it when somebody else tells them that they have a nice yard. This way you can see what has worked for them over time. At the same time you get to make friends. Just a thot.

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Talking to a landscape designer or landscape architect can be a good starting point. I have had two yards designed by one and felt that the overall design and plant selection was quite good. The cost for the work is reasonable. I had a front yard design made for $45 and an entire acre yard design for $300. The work produced a scale drawing of all the landscape and item by item listing of plants and recommendations as to what parts to plant in what order for the greatest early effect. These folks are often associated with some of the larger nurseries. Of course, they would like for you to buy your plants there. I made a deal that the design would be complete and paid without any obligation or expectation of my buying anything from the nursery.

Hope this helps.
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go to your local library and take out all the books on landscaping and garden design. Then go to the local bookstore and look at the landscape and garden books.. maybe you will even buy one.

And then think more curved lines and fewer straight lines when planning your garden.

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