Cover grass area...w/white stones


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Cover grass area...w/white stones

I have a small yard approx 20'x25' I have an area of grass in the center 8'x16' that's bordered with 4"x4" railroad ties. On the perimeter of the ties I have an area that has shrubs planted thru white stone covered plastic sheeting. I want to eliminate the grass and have an almost maintenance free yard. I'm assuming that I would have to kill the grass with some kind of chemical ,cover with area with plastic sheeting and pour limestone chips over plastic. Does anyone know what chemical would work best and when would be the best time to apply it? (there will be rain starting tonight that will last for several days) Type of plastic sheeting I would need? And about how many bags of limestone chips I would need to accomplish this project. I think I could find everything in Home Depot. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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A heavy, 6 mil, plastic will last longest. Use clear or white, spread over the existing grass, then cover it with the rocks. This will kill everything. Multiply the area of the space by the desired depth of the rocks to determine how much rock you will need.

There will be fewer problems with drainage if you use landscape fabric instead of plastic. It will allow water to drain through into the soil, preventing any drainage problems.

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