Crape Myrtle leaf curl


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Crape Myrtle leaf curl

It looked like this at the nursery and I bought it anyways - stupid me! I thought it just needed to be planted, watered and given some TLC. I've had it planted for a week tomorrow and the leaves are still wilted (curled) looking. There are signs of new growth but some new growth is wilted the next day.

Recently I've gone around and sprayed all my plants with an ortho insecticide so I don't think it's insects that's doing it.

I've been watering everyday since I planted it.

What am I not doing?

Also, when I planted it, I mixed slow-release fertilizer (Azalea/Camella/Rhodendeneron) and rotted manure. I don't have any issues with my soil - everything else I plant seems to do very well.

Any ideas?
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It may be powdery mildew. Look for a white coating on the leaves and shoots, causing stunting and distortion, curling, and failure of buds to open normally.
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No - there is no powder substance on the leaves. I would also describe it as the leaves having a wilted look. The leaves are hanging from the branches instead of lifting towards the sunshine. I don't understand but maybe I should give it some more time to acclimate to the soil.

Thanks anyways.
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watering every day . . .

sometimes leaf curl or a wilted look can be from over-watering. check your soil and make sure it's not too soggy. you may need to dig up a bit of root and see if they're rotting from too much water.

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