Poison ivy or oak removal in ground cover


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Poison ivy or oak removal in ground cover

I have a bank that I put about 100 juniper on and they are well established. The only thing that I have grow in it is poison ivy or oak. Last year it about took over, but so far this year I have been pulling it out as I see it. But the bank is too big and I am allergic to it and it starting to get out of control again. Is there a way or a product I could use that would not harm the juniper if I got some on it? Everything I see at store is a spray and says it would harm plants if you get any on them and it would be almost impossible to not get any on juniper. Thanks for any advice to get this under control.
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Use round-up and cardboard. Use the cardboard to protect the junipers and spray the noxious plants. Note, it will take several applications to finally kill the weed, especially since its well established.
Cut the ivy back to a few leaves and spray. In a week or so, repeat. And so on.

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