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What do you do with tulips and iris once the pedal fall off? I don't
know if I should cut them at ground level or just leave them alone. THank
you in advance for your help.

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tulips and irises

I'd leave the tulips as is. Over time the stems and leaves will turn yellow and die away. The bulbs will feed on the spent stem and it will help them to become stronger better-blooming plants as well as to multiply.

The tulips will slowly die and all of their leaves will turn brown and dry out. When this happens, simply snip at ground level. The plant gets its nutrients from its spent greenery, so it's best not to remove the leaves and stem until they are withered and quite dead.

The Irises are a bit different. Their stems should be cut off after all blooms have been spent. In the fall, I simply clean up any very dead-looking leaves, and otherwise leave them alone. The remaining leaves will stay green (even in wintry weather) and will help to nourish the rhizomes over the winter.

Good luck - both plants are relatively care-free.


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