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I have a georgeous tomato plant in a large pot. The trouble is that the flowers are not making fruit. What could be wrong? Is there a cure? The plant is about 4 ft. tall, very full, and has plenty of flowers. They just turn yellow and fall off. The plant is a Better Boy. Thanks, Sashi
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Blossom drop is a result of excess nitrogen from fertilizer, too much or too little magnesium, dry windy conditions, or temperature extremes. The extremes would be below 55 at night or over 75, or if daytime temperatures are above 90 degrees. Temperature extremes causes pollen to be ineffective. Without pollination, the bloom dies and falls off the plant.

Mulch can help maintain steady moisture conditions, water deeply weekly. Once the temperature becomes more suitable, production will resume. Extreme temperatures are the most common reason for blossom drop.
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There are so many variables involved when it comes to container gardening. I don't want to discourage it. I read about it and have books on it. I am such an old-fashioned gardener where everything needs to be in the soil and with a soil test so that I know what I am dealing with. Too much nitrogen is usually the pitfall of no fruiting on tomatoes with a profuse blossoms. Soil tests are availble through your Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent. I love my Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent guys and gals. You want to discuss anything relative to the 'salt' of the earth, these guys and gals are there for us for free.
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When we lived in Florida we had the same problem. It seemed that the flowers were not pollinated by bees. My wife went out and "thumped" (lightly) each flower with her finger. We got tomatoes after that. Then we read that you could also use an electric toothbrush (backside) to get the pollen to drop. Good luck.

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