Hardy Kiwi


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Hardy Kiwi

I have planted one male and one female kiwi plant in both 1999 and 2000. Unfortunatley. Each year one of the plants did not survive. So, I have tow plants that are 5-6 yeras old, doing very well but are not producing fruit. My fear that I have two males or two females seems to be turning to reality.

Is there a way to determin the sex?

I mail ordered the plans and can not find them locally.

What should I do? Just keep planting pairs until I get two to survive?

Scott (KIWI lover....on my way to the fruit stand)
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The male plant produces pollen for just a couple of days while the female is receptive for a week or more, so timing is important. Probably your best bet is to buy plants of known sex and keep them marked.
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The sex of the plant is determined by examination of the flower parts. Males have stamens only and females have pistils only inside the flower.

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