Help with Trumpet Vine


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Bev Thompson
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Red face Help with Trumpet Vine

My husband planted a trumpet vine on a trellis 2 years ago and we haven't seen one flower on it. He did cut it back last year thinking it would bloom this year. Wrong! It is on the morning sunny side of the garage. Help. How do we get this thick beautiful vine to get some blooms? Thanks for any ideas!
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this is the third summer that ours have been in and the first blooms were about a month ago.
remember: the first year it sleeps.

second year it creeps

third year it leaps

someone here said that once and it is so true.
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Speaking of vines, anyone here ever planted Clematis?

One site I use to browse plants list the Jackmanii, Crimson Star and Nelly Moser. These are absolutely beautiful (in the pictures, of course).

I'd like to put these in on the face of a fence in zone 8. They say they do best in full sun but of course it's rare that a fence gets 6+ hours of full sun. Is it worth it to plant these in an area that gets about 4 hours of mid day sun?
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Clematis require full sun to grow best (6+ hours direct sun per day) though some dappled shade during the heat of the day is beneficial. Nelly Moser flowers will fade if they get too much sun, so they benefit from partial shade or eastern exposures.

For a list of clematis for partial shade:
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Our trumpet vine took about five years to bloom. I was really sick of it....I still am, it has absolutely grown wild! My husband is thinking of digging it up.

Our idea was to have it twining round a big pillar supporting the deck (imagining beautiful yellow blooms all the way up,) but all the way up the pillar is just bare wood, it does not leaf until it reaches the deck. It has grown over the top of the deck in a sprawling mess which has to be drastically cut back or it would take over a large part of the deck. This means it is left with only a few branches on which to bloom. The blooms grow at the very end of the branches and keep on growing on the SAME branches in the SAME place, so the long branches are waving about all over the place. This plant has been the biggest disappointment in our garden. I wish you a lot more success with yours.
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Here is a rundown on trumpet vine. Pruning and location seem to be quite important.

Hope this helps.
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I'm in zone 9, and the previous owner of my house planted 2 trumpet vines on a shaded wall. Only the parts of the vine exposed to the sun on top of the wall generate blooms and they are short lived.

You might consider a climbing rose if you have full sun. There is a relatively new class of climbers called "sport" that bloom continously and are very aggressive climbers also.

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