Asiatic Lillies stalks eaten - help!


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Unhappy Asiatic Lillies stalks eaten - help!

Hi everyone -

I have a bed that has about 10 stalks of asiatic lillies growing. They are in full bud, but over the last week, I've gone out to get the paper in the mornings, as so far two stalks have been chewed, resulting in the entire stalk breaking. ( I'm not sure what is eating them, but I think it may be rabbits?)

Question - I've put the stalks in water, as I really do not want to lose the flowers - will they bloom, or is it a lost cause at this point?

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The damages stems should hang on in water. I agree that it may be rabbits. Asiatic lilies are on their favorite bulb list. A repellent with the fungicide thiram can help as can fencing. If there is brushy habitat about, that may be where the rabbits stay. Removing the habitat is a good way to encourage the rabbits to move on.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Chris -

I've lived in this house for a couple of years, and this is the first time I've had this problem. The stalks are chewed through at about a 2 1/2 foot height - they must be standing on their back legs, or it's one mighty BIG rabbit!!!!

Unfortunately, our back yard is mostly wooded with alot of areas for them to set up housekeeping. Even though the damage is in the front yard, I don't think that removing that is an option.....
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Rabbits are nocturnal and will munch on anything. If it had been a deer, you would have had nothing left of the plant. You might want to place wire cages around lilies to keep out the rabbits. Voles would have started munching on the roots.

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