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I have started to harvest my zucchinni and squash. The zucchinni did
great but the squash didn't. I had plenty of flowers but they didn't turn
into squash.What did I do wrong? I would appreciate any advise you can give me.Thank you in advance Ron
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Zucchini is a summer squash. You must be talking about yellow crookneck summer squash?

Squash have male and female blossoms on the same plant. The female blossom has a swollen fruit at its base. The blossoms are open in morning hours and cross pollination must take place then. This is done by bees or with an artist's brush or Q-tip by the gardener. If the female is not fertilized the blossom will close and drop in a few days. The male plant's pollen is only fertile for a couple days, then the blossom closes and drops to the ground.

If you are harvesting male blossoms for fried squash blossoms, you may be harvesting the males before the females can be pollinated. Or, you could have squash vine borers. Cut open a stem and examine. Planting in the shade will cause lack of fruit set, as will overwatering

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