Blossom End Rot


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Blossom End Rot

I have lost three entire tomato plants to blossom end rot. My soil ph
is around 6.5. I've been told that this disease is a result of not enough
calcium. I guess it's to late to do anything now but what can I do to the soil for next year?I've never had the soil tested so I don't know what the make up is.I would appreciate any help I can get.Thank you in advance.
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Blossom-end rot is a result of conditions where demand for calcium exceeds supply. This may result from low calcium levels, or ions in soil that compete with calcium ions, drought stress, or excessive soil moisture fluctuations which reduce uptake and movement of calcium into the plant, or rapid, vegetative growth due to excessive nitrogen fertilization. Thus, the explanation is not simply explained by low calcium in soil, but it can also be causes by environmental conditions that may affect the plants' ability to remove calcium from soil.

A soil test should be done to determine what amendments need to made to soil, if any. 6.5 is the recommended pH for tomatoes. A good way to increase calcium ions in soil is to add lime. Nitrate fertilizer is recommended not ammoniacal nitrogen that tends to promote blosson-end rot because the ammonia reduces calcium intake. Avoid fertilizing during early fruiting. Use mulch to conserve moisture and use irrigation if plants are not getting one inch of rain per week.

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