Vine advise (trumpet vine)


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Vine advise (trumpet vine)

This year on my new shed I put a trellis on the one side. The trellis is about 8 foot high and 4 foot wide. I planted 1 trumpet vine under it, the whole trellis is full already with the plant and it is starting to work torward the roof.

My question is should I let the plant just grow wild? If I do I guess the plant will work it's way onto the roof and so on. Will that be good, or should I controll it by cutting it back. Will this plant stop growing at a certain point or will it grow and grow and grow?

I just don't want it to take over the whole shed bringing on bugs and what ever else.

Also is it true that I will not see any flowers for about 2-3 years?
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Keeping the vine on the trellis will help reduce allowing moisture to move from the plant to the building. This may help reduce mildew or other problems related to the constant presence of moisture.

Here is a good rundown on care, blooming, pruning, size, and such for the trumpet vine.

Hope this helps.
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chfite I did read that and I am now a little worried that this could be a nightmare plant.
It says that the plant grows to 40 feet and can get a bit trashy with dead flowers. Every week I'm cutting this plant back, it's all ready ruined the paint on the shed because it grew past the trellis and when I went to pull the plant from the shed to trim it, the roots were inbedded to the shed.

I'm having bad feeling about this plant, so I'm just going to deal with it this summer and come fall it comes down. It's to bad but I'm looking for low maintance and pulling the ladder out once a week to trim this plant is starting to be a pain in the butt.
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It's best to know your vines before you plant them in your landscape, because they can be very invasive.

For an interesting read:

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