Weeds in rock planting area


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Weeds in rock planting area

I have an area next to my driveway in which my wife lpanted some Japanese Blood grass and something else (don't remember the name). We covered the soil after planting with nice red rocks to make the area look nicer. Unfortunately, we have a ton of weeds in this area. A lot of them seem to come up through the rocks, but there are a decent amount that are actually growing right next to the plants, making it look like one larger plant. I brought up the idea of mulching to my wife, but she really likes the rocks. What can I do to get rid of the weeds? I end up pulling weeds out almost every night while the dog does her business in the front yard. I have thought about putting a layer of mulch down and thencovering it with the rocks, thinking that the mulch will control the weeds. Will this work? Also, I'd like red mulch to match the rocks. Anyone know if this will stain the adjacent driveway and front walk?

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Vegetation should have been removed and landscape cloth installed before laying the red rocks.

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