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I have just completed planting shrubs and weeding and building 4 flower boxes on my sloped hill... I have all shrubs planted and they are mainly green with a couple that flower a different color... I was wanting to plant some perennials in the 4 flowerboxes which are fairly big in size , one is 8 feet x 4 the other 3 are 4 feet x 2 ... I was wondering how late in the year is acceptable to plant perennials, I live in northern Ontario and summer is half over now.. I was also wondering if anyone had any suggestions on perennials that are tidy in shape and flower bright colors and are readily available at your average garden center.. this is my first year planting anything and so far all my shrubs are doing well..

Thanls Gord
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You will need to identify your plant hardiness zone first.

Contact your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Service for a list of plants that thrive in your growing zone and about getting a soil test. Many perennials can be planted in fall or spring.

Learn about the recommended perennials for your zone and their sun, soil, spacing, moisture, and maintenance requirements. There are perennials for shade; hot, dry conditions; moist damp soil; dry sandy soil. Pay particular attention also to height and width at maturity. Decide what color scheme you wish, how formal or informal, etc. Some perennials are grown for their bright green foliage. Because not all plants have the same requirements, not all can be planted in the same bed. Some perennials can be very invasive to someone who wants a tidy flower bed.

Perennials vary considerably in their susceptability to pests. Selection of resistant species and cultivars, proper site selection, and good cultural practices will prevent many disease problems.

There are many books and magazines available on growing perennials. There is also a wealth of information online. Arming yourself with information before fall about growing perennials in your hardiness zone and visits to local garden centers and online sources and gardening catalogs will give you a head start before the fall planting season.
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Appreciate the response my zone is 5a .... To know that some perennials can be planted in fall is a great help.. I usually just go into garden center and let the sales people pick out stuff for me.. I have a few books on perennials and will get around to looking through it.. I will go to garden center and get them to show me where the perennials that can be planted in fall are.. I like the less invasive type so i will get some suggestions on that too

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