Green Tomatoes


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Green Tomatoes

I am in my second season of gardening.Since I am a city boy I have
realied on books and advice from folks like you to help me along. For this I thank you. My question for today is this.I live in zone seven I have been
harvesting tomatoes since the middle of July it is now the end of Aug. I
still have plenty of green tomatoes on the vine. September is usually a warm month but I am afraid they won't turn red before the cooler nights start.
Is there anything I can do at this time to help them ripen? I would appreciate all advice Thank you RON
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Green to Red

I have not done it but I was told that you can take a shovel and cut the roots half way around the plant to force ripeining.
I simply pick just before the first frost, wrap in newspaper, keep in the basement or garage and they will ripen.
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You can also consider uses for green tomatoes. My vegetable patch was sacrificed to a construction project a few years ago, in mid-tomato-harvest season. Left with lots of green tomatoes, I looked for recipes on the internet: a Turkish green tomato soup was very tasty.
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Green tomato slices can be frozen for fried green tomatoes, a specialty in the Appalachians. Select firm, sound green tomatoes. Wash, core, and slice 1/4-inch thick. Pack slices into containers with freezer wrap between slices and leave at least 1/2" at top. Seal container and pop into freezer.
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green tomatoes

I have ripened many green tomatoes by laying them out on a table so that they are not totching each other. Then I cut up a couple of apples and place them with the tomatoes under news paper the gases from the apples help ripen them. Check them every four or five days because some the tomatoes will develop mold you will loose some of them but you will have enough keepers to carry you though the hollidays. Good luck.

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