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Question zone question

i was given 2 plants

a "magician deutzia"

and a "diana althea"

these shrubs are zone 5 plants

i live in a zone 4 area in michigan

can someone help me on how to care for these 2 plants over the winter


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Covering the ground with a think layer of mulch is is a good start. Protecting the plants from winds is also a good step to take. And if the climate is real cold where you are you may need to place an out door heater near the plants. But be carefull not to but anything close enough or on anything to risk a fire. A lot of it will come down to the climate where the plants will be located. The lowest temp found in zone 4 should be no colder than -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest temp found in zone 5 should be no colder than -15 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate of the exact location of the plant will have a big impact on whet is required.

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