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hello......i'm david getlin.......grafting, i tho't this meant, like grafting an apple tree onto a cherry i mistaken........exactly, what is the reason for grafting.......thanks so much for any info........dg
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Grafting is frequently done in developing fruit tree stock. A shoot or bud (scion) is united with the rootstock of another plant that is already established, either by insertion or placing them in close contact.

The main reason for grafting is to propagate a wide range of desirable plants. It is also a way to combine desirable characteristics of plants. Grafted roses combine the best qualities of strong rootstock with the foliage and blooms of the grafted variety. Grafting is also used to create novelty items such as potato plants that produce tomatoes, moon cactus, fruit trees that bear more than one variety, dwarf fruit trees. Grafting also is used to incorporate both maleness and femaleness into the same dioecious plant, such as holly, so that it bears fruit.

According to the Dept. of Agriculture, for grafting to be successful, the scion and rootstock must be compatible, at the proper physiological stage, and the cambial layers of the scion and stock must meet. In addition, the wound must be kept moist until healed.

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