moving large outside plant (Bougainvella)


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moving large outside plant (Bougainvella)

Living in West Central Florida for the past 2 years and added some plants to make the yard look nicer has created a small or in this case a large problem.
We planted a Bougainvillea plant next to our entry.
It is very pretty but it is growing so fast it has to be moved.
My question is. Can I move it now without killing it since it is about 5ft. tall and at least4 ft. in circumferance?
and if so , What steps should I take,other than staying away from another entry way?
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Bougainvilleas have lots of very fine roots and are not too happy about being uprooted and transplanted. In the spring, dig a wide circle around the plant and lift gently out of ground. You will want to move as much of the root ball as possible. You will need to keep planted watered until it gets established. Light fertilizer every couple months will be helpful until it starts growing again. Because the plant blooms on new growth, keeping it pruned to keep it under control is helpful to the gardener and the plant. Prune each branch as the bloom begins to fade.
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When you dig the plant try not to disturb the root ball as much as possible. After the plant is out of the ground avoid sunlight. Digging in light rain is probably your best chance for a good transplant. When you put it back in the ground, pack the soil as best you can. Air will kill the roots.

Good Luck
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Can't he just keep it trimmed back?
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I agree with BobF. Unless you are set on moving it, why don't you try keeping it trimmed?


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