bark coming of of tree


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bark coming of of tree

I planted 3 japanese blueberry one has trippled in size in three years, one is small and doesn't seem to be growing, the other lost some bark off the trunk and one side died off. I trimmed the dead branches off and it is coming back but the bark is still missing and it is loosing more. Will the missing bark cause more problems? What can I do about this? The tree that is doing the best is on the west side of the house and the other two that are not doing as well are on the north. Is it the location that is making a difference? The smaller trees are also in the lawn and the larger is not. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?
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Location can be a problem due to the amount of sun the trees get. It can also be a factor due to competition for nutrients based on what the other growth is in the area. Soil may also be playing a part in the problem. The difference in location could also be a difference in soil conditions. Take some soil samples to a local Agricultural Extention office for soil tests. Taking leaf samples could also get you some answers there. Good luck.
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I live in Las Vegas. We have no soil, just broken rock with a little clay. I have been fertilizing quarterly since planting and adding lots of mulch to try to make soil. My real problem is the bark coming off of the one tree. Is this a nutrient problem? Should I try to cover it?
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Cold injury appears as peeling, sloughing, splitting or cracking bark often near the soil surface. Constant sprinkling of lawns and water hitting trunks can also cause sloughing of bark. Check with an arborist to see if the cultivar that you have is hardy to your growing zone for both hot and cold seasons. Japanese Blueberry (Elaeocarpus decipiens) prefers full sun and regular watering. It is hardy to 10 degrees.

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