Leaf Mulch.


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Leaf Mulch.

I only have a lot size property that is surrounded by trees. Untill this year I was able to rake the leaves onto the wooded area next to me(Where all the trees are). The owner of the prperty has forbidden anyone onto the land.The town does not dispose of leaves for us. So now I'm looking for alternative ways to use the leaves. I got a Leaf Mulcher(Flowtron) which does a fair job of reducing the ammount. But is there a good use for the Mulch. We have several Flower./Shrub areas we could use Mulch /Compost on.
Whats the best thing to use it for.(Or should I just sneak out at night)
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Having a shredder makes it easy to simply add this mulch to your flower beds. Your flowers will benefit from the mulch as it will improve the soil. Over the year, the bulk will decompose so that you have more room next year for more.
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Whether you use leaves for compost or mulch, you will need to chop or shred them. This expedites decomposition and keeps leaves from blowing around if you use them for mulch. Avoid putting too much around crowns of perennials in order to avoid rot. Using uncomposted leaves as mulch will rob soil of nitrogen as they break down, thus you will need to add some nitrogen to soil around plants in the spring. If composting, it is best to compost with other organic material, keep damp, and turn occasionally.

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