Appletree leaves


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Appletree leaves

I have 2 four year old apples,a sweet sixteen and a haralson.Something eats most of the leaves off every year.I expect it's a mite of some kind,leaves behind a lot of spider webs.The sweet sixteen is afected much worse than the other.Any ideas for treating this would be appriciated.
Thank you
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Bee keeper,
Welcome to the DIY Forums.
If you can upload a picture of your particular "webs" a better answer can be given.
Spider mites: these are tiny insects related to the spider that suck the juices from the leaves. The damage they cause ranges from small raised "dots" on the leaves to leaves turning brown and curling. Spider mites leave thin strings of web material as they move from leaf to leaf and tree to tree. Soapy water will usually control the spidermites. If the infestation is really heavy eradication may involve the use of an insecticide.

Webworms: Caterpillers of a moth that live within a large web around branches of trees. A large colony can completly defoliate a tree. Webworms are usually burned out or can be killed if you can puncture the web and spray an insecticide within it. These are the large webs commonly seen on peacn trees.

You may also have a combination of insects infesting your trees. Aphids are bad about infesting fruit trees.

You can take a sample of the leaf damage and web material to your local Agri Extension for help also.
Good luck and reply back with any further questions.
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I know here in Canada we spray our fruit trees with a dormant oil and lime sulphur spray in the early spring before the buds open and before the tree flowers, this is available at your local nursery, home depot, walmart etc. It coats the tree thus killing and suffocating any living insect within the tree or bark. It can be done in the fall after all the leaves have dropped, in preparation for winter. (I usually just spray the dormant oil not lime sulphur in the fall) It is also important to clean up the area around the base of the tree from any dying foilage or apples. Again the posting above gives very good sound advice. Good Luck!

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