Garden Prep for Spring


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Garden Prep for Spring

I just moved into a new place
The previous owner had two spots for gardens
One herb garden, about 16' x 3'
One vegatable garden, about 16' x 8'

I'd like to keep these areas garden, but I would be a true Garden N00b
The plants were sort of just left there and died
If I get a warm day or two, is there anything I should do this winter to prep them for spring?
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since you don't know how much of the material in there now is perenial i'd leave it where it is. if it's obviously not coming back, like tomato's . peppers. etc. pull them out, chop them up and turn them under to decompose. take soil samples to test the ph. if you need to adjust now is a good time. the vegatable garden is probably spent but be carefull in the herb garden. some of that might come back in the spring. you could also rake, grade, and make your rows now to save some time later. good idea to mulch now to avoid early spring weeds this is a good time to plan your garden as to what, where, and how many. consider cool weather crops like broccolli. they will be spent before tomato time.
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There's some plastic markers in the herb garden
I'll check them out

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