Pine tree


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Pine tree

I have a miniature pine tree that I bought for my fiance a year ago. Fully grown it grows to only about three feet. Right now, after only a year, it has stopped growing. Now everytime a new sprout comes out of the trunk it ends up turning brown. I thought maybe it was too much water, so I backed off. But it is still happening. Any suggestions, before I kill it?
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sounds like it might be a norfolk pine. let it go without water till the top of the main root mass is dry. then place it in a container pan or saucer and water from the bottom only. a light application of fertilizer after it stabilizes. not too much light, indirect for 8 hours per day is good. water kills more houseplants than any other cause. let the tree get a little thirsty between waterings. if you want to get a little technical you could test the soil ph. shoud be around 6.5 make sure it's not rootbound. an organic fertilzer for holly or azalea is good. no more than once or twice per year.

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