what happened to my gardenia?


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Unhappy what happened to my gardenia?

I bought a potted gardenia from homedepot. It was so nice when I first brought it home. But about three or five days later, I found the leaves dry and I watered them but it 's still not good and looks dying. What happened? What should I do? By the way I put it inside all the time since it's still pretty cold outside, about 35-45 degree.
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was the plant inside when you bought it ? maybe you shocked it a bit. the first thing i do with a purchased plant like that is re-pot it. those plant live in a pampered world at a nursery. constant fertilization and water. use a good soil like miracle gro and let it calm down a bit before you fertilize it. place it on a saucer and water from the bottom when dry. good luck

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