Orange tree help?


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Orange tree help?

My wife a small 3 to 4 ft orange tree that is indoors. We are not sure of the amount of water it needs. Right now we water 16OZ every other day. We notices a few leaves drying up on top the leaves also have a white spotty apperance. What are we doing wrong?
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Has this tree been indoors for the entire time? Has it be repotted lately? Does the pot drain into a saucer of some sort? Have you moved it?
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inside all times,no repot,just got it for valentimes day. still in the black pot no saucer
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Originally Posted by Willc
inside all times,no repot,just got it for valentimes day. still in the black pot no saucer

Trees need to be planted,use a good mix of mulch and fertilizer
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Orange Trees are not like any other house plant. Your tree should not need to be re-potted unless it is in a growing medium that does not drain well or it is root bound. Re-potting a citrus tree can do more damage than good if not necessary.

First of all citrus trees need to be water fully and deeply at each watering. The soil should be allowed to dry before watering as root rot can occur. The best way to know if your tree needs to be watered is to purchase an inexpensive moisture meter and only water when the meter says dry. If the soil stays in the WET range for too long( a week) it will need to be changed to one that drains more freely.

Citrus also need warm temps and sunlight. Citrus stop growing at temps of lower than 55 degrees F. This meand they loose the capibility to take up nutrients and water. This is when they are most likely to develop root rot. They also need 16 hours of bright sunlight. Since the days are not quite that long the additional hours can be supplemented with artificial light. A fluroscent light suspended 1ft ablove the tree will supply the additional light.

If you can keep the root zone warm(80 degrees F) you can keep the tree growing happily indoors. You can take a string of Christmas tree lights(small mini bulbs) and wrap them around the pot. This will keep the root zone at the warmer temps.

Your citrus tree is a heavy feeder that likes both its veggies and the meat. This means that a good fertilizer with trace elements is needed. You can use a fertilizer for Citrus which contains both or you can use a fertilizer for Azaelas and add the trace elements yourself. This should be used 4 times a year. For the trace elements you can order S.T.E.M online. This is a water soluble trace element mixture.

As soon as the out door temps are staying above 55F overnight you can place the tree outside. Just watch the rainfall. Citrus do not like wet feet. If the forcast is for rain, please move the tree to a sheltered area where it will not get wet unless it is actually time to water.

With a little care your tree will reward you with fruit that is much better than the store bought oranges.

As far as the white blotches I can not identify without a picture. The leaves drying on top could be a sign that the tree is being overwatered. A picture would also help me to identify this problem.

If you have any other questions about your tree please reply back. Citrus trees are a great plant and very rewarding.

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