Raised Bed - Bulb Garden - Mushrooms


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Raised Bed - Bulb Garden - Mushrooms

I built a raised bed last fall and planted close to 1000 bulbs in it and around the entire house. We are getting swamped with color right now and being surprised with all kinds of beauty.

Anways, at the bottom of the beds where most of the draining occurs there are really disgusting mushrooms that are growing on the ground and bottom of the beds. As well, throughout the garden there are multiple different types of mushrooms growing up and sometimes competing with the bulbs. Do these mushrooms cause any harm to the bulbs or to my dog if she eats them? I think that may actually help the bed becuase I've heard of mushroom compost. Thanks
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Mushrooms are a fungus that likes damp soil and feeds on decaying organic material. You can simply remove them by hand if unsightly. They eventually go away, especially when soil dries out. Adding more soil to bed to reduce amount of compost or other organic material will be helpful, too.

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