Recommend a vine or something?


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Recommend a vine or something?

Please look at this image:

On the right side is a partially covered walkway to the front entrance. I would like to soften it a little. Do you recommend growing something on top and along the poles? What are some choices I should consider? Miami zone 10.


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Bouganvilla is an option (don't know about your zone though), it grows fast and can be easily trained, and is low maintenance. I have it growing on a trellis similar to your spot.
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Taller container grown plants at support posts is an option to soften their appearance. Softening and enlarging the small bed to the right with another large fern like to the left beneath the window might be helpful. The too small bed border on right appears to be too contrived and harsh. The idea is to get away from the harsh, lines and go with plantings that are more fluffy and airy. You do not, however, want plantings that would be so tall that they would block the visibility of the main entry.
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i can't see your picture, but i just wanted to comment on the suggestion of bouganvilla. our neighbors behind us had a huge bouganvilla over their back patio and, although it was fast growing and beautiful, it was constantly abuzz with bees & wasps & the like. not something you want to greet visitors with, unless your goal is to keep everyone away!!!
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Hi MC,

This is a Florida site with lots of vines listed. Consider something that isn't messy with seed pods or fragrant so as to attract lots of bees. Do check the hardiness zones since you are in zone 10. You also don't want something that will grow to 40' and be a maintenance nightmare. I like the Clarodendrum for your situation.


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