Jasmine bushes won't bloom


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Jasmine bushes won't bloom

I have a jasmine bush on the south side of my house and a jasmine tree on the north side of my house. Neither one bloom well. I might see one or two flowers on the plant every once and a while. They are well watered and look healthy otherwise. I have fertilized them regularly for the last four months with a general fertilizer. Do they need a different type of fertilizer?
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Winter has just ended here in zone 7b, and the carolina jessamine and the confederate jasmine are starting to bloom. When they bloom is dependent upon your locale. They do best in full sun. I don't usually fertilize mine. If I fed them, they might take over the world. They grow intertwined along about 100 feet of chain link fence. Location and quality of the soil are important.
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Prune after jasmine blooms to promote next seasons blooms. Do no further pruning. Pruning must be done at the correct time or it won't bloom.

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