rosa rugosa & other prickly hedges in 7a


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rosa rugosa & other prickly hedges in 7a

I recently bought a house in a "changing" neighborhood in Washington DC, so am trying to limit what can be seen in my backyard/how easy it is to climb my 3 ft chain link fence. I am going to plant 4-6' hydrangeas along one side of the yard, climbing vines & roses along another (I'm hoping there's enough sun), butterfly bush in a few narrow areas, and am thinking about a hedge of rosa rugosa along the alley side. I have part shade for all-- not sure how much sun yet. Does anyone have input as to how well those are likely to do here, & if they really do ok in part shade? Or if there is anything else, fast-growing, that might be an option? Also, regarding the rosa rugosa, I saw it listed as plants for hedging in one catalog (but a variety that only grows 4'), found lots more varieties elsewhere-- but can I plant all of them close together as a hedge? Does it grow quickly, & will it do ok in part shade (possibly fairly constant light shade)? Any suggestions on varieties? My goal is to block the casual view & make it uninviting to climb over-- while still as pretty as possible.
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Your local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent can recommend varieties of plants that do best in your area and with your light and soil conditions. Too, developing a landscaping plan is important and taking into consideration the growth habits and size at maturity of the species selected is important. A consultation with a local landscaper may provide you with much insight into a well thought out plan and species that will provide you with the privacy you desire.
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Hi Joanna,

Congratulations on your new home! I'n a neighbor of sorts as I live in Columbia. There are some roses that will tolerate shade. Those that come to mind are 'Knockout', 'Zephrine Drouhin', pasture rose or swamp rose (virtually unheard of in the trade, but specialty places might carry it) would be a couple of others.

From Garden Web's FAQ's.

"Roses grown in shady conditions grow tall and lanky, tend to get disease and don't produce many blooms. But you can grow some Rugosas, Hybrid Musks and Albas in semi-shade with a minimum of four hours of sunshine."

Lots of interesting stuff here. You might want to save the last one for info on specific classes of roses.

You can click here on 'Rose List' for old fashioned roses that are easier to care for, especially in our humid summer conditions.

You can do a search here with the term 'part shade' and you'll get 4 selections.

Another good rose source with great references.

Lots of stuff here, but you can scroll down to 'Making a Rose Hedge'.

If you decide to do mailorder, you can use this site to check references and even search for roses and by state.

You don't say how narrow your spot is for the butterfly bush, but if you prune it to about 12" every spring it might fit. How narrow is the space and how much sun does it get? At least 4 hours would be needed for it to bloom well.


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