trimming azaleas


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trimming azaleas

Is there a there a right way or a wrong way to trim azelas? How much can I safely cut at one time?
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you can prune anytime after blooming. try to prune the top for height first. then width. don't ball shape, try for a mushroom shape to allow for more sun to the sides. i like mine low and wide. fertilze with and acid friendly mixture. i like Holly Tone. you can go back and do a final shape up before new buds set. around here, NC, that would be no later than the end of July.
also watch for insects this time of year. i spray with dormant oil in October. check you mulch for depth before summer, try not to disturb root as they sit high in the soil.
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You will will to prune out any dead branches and prune back any gangly branches. You will also want to prune out some branches to allow sunlight and air into center of bush to prevent die out.

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