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I have a nice rock garden combined with a vegtable garden. It really makes a nice, visually attractive area. But I get quite a number of small (about 2 foot) garder snakes each year. I don't like snakes, but my wife is absolutely petrified by them. Do any of you clever folk have a treatment or know of a product I can lay down to rid my garden of them?
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Lime! mouth balls
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Perhaps you prefer rodents, bugs, and other such things? Chances are you'll see a large increase in those if you get rid of the totally harmless snakes.
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There is no scientific evidence that either lime or moth balls repel snakes. There are commercial snake repellents available. As for commercial snake repellents, the effectiveness tends to vary among different types of snakes.
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Garter snakes are a good thing in the garden. Send them over to my place.
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The snakes like to sun themselves on the rocks. Get rid of the rocks and you won't see the snakes. They'll still be around, but you won't see them.

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